TeamSpeak 3 - FAQ and Guides

More and more people asks to do something on TeamSpeak - This site will cover general things on our TeamSpeak Server.

How to connect?

When you have configured your client go to: Connections -> Connect -> in the server address write in the address field, and of course a username in the Username field. -> Press CONNECT -> You are now online! Now go kill some noobs in game!

How do I make a private channel?

Right click the Channel "Private Rooms" -> Create sub-channel -> Enter your channel name -> Enter your channel password (not needed, but recommended). Your channel is a temporary channel, and will be deleted when last user leaves the channel - If you want your channel to be permanent, contact a Admin marked [ADMIN]

Is it possible to make TeamSpeak save channel passwords?

Yes it is. Press Settings -> Options -> Security -> Set a checkmark in the "Save Channel Passwords" box -> OK -> Restart TeamSpeeak -> Profit

Why isn't my channel there anymore? Is admin deleting it?

Admins are not deleting channels, unless they haven't been used in 1000 years. As written in the "How do I make a Private Channel" answer, your channel might have been a temporary channel. Make your channel again -> Contact an admin and ask him for making it permanent -> Profit

I have seen someone having a picture when clicking on the clients? How?

Yes, you can have an avatar on TeamSpeak - right click on your name -> Set avatar -> Choose a random image on your computer -> OK -> Profit. (Remember to check the rules by clicking here)

Why are you guys using TeamSpeak instead of Mumble?

Ehm, good question! We have been asked this alot.. More people are using TeamSpeak is the short answer. But simplicity is key, Mumble is more advanced.

How do i make my client remember the server?

TeamSpeak 3 have a feature called 'Bookmarks'. Click on Bookmarks in the top of your client -> Add to bookmarks

"Skype is better"

No, no it isn't, and by saying that you are now hated by all people on TeamSpeak.

Saving of Identity

If you are the type that reinstall your computer often, and have a channel on our server. We recommend saving your identity, so you always have your channel admin. The identity is what tells our server, that you are x. Then our server can look you up, and see if you have any special rights.

You can do this by pressing "CTRL + I" -> Right clicking the "Default" -> Export. Save this file to a place, so you can find it again if your pc gets reinstalled/stolen or maybe broken. (For example cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)

Importing your Identity

If you have followed the above before, you can import your identity again. Press CTRL + I -> Right click on the blank space under the "Default" profile -> Press Import -> Find your identity and press OK -> Right click the Profile (Might be called Default_1) -> Mark as Default

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