What is Addic Community?

We are a community that focus on playing games and having fun. Addic Community is also NonProfit, we are not earning anything by making this available. This also means, that the admins are not getting anything for doing this. So talk nice to us, we are doing this because we want to and having fun while doing it.

We are currently 7 admins, 3 of them is leaders. All admins can help you with general stuff, in the areas we cover (currently TeamSpeak 3 only). You can find a list over all admins here

Why should we choose Addic?

We don't have the biggest sale speech, but if you want to have some freedom, and still want to get in touch with the admins quickly. This is the place you can go then! :-)

Where can we find you guys?

We are on a couple of diffrent websites and services

  • Facebook - We are on facebook, like everybody else - click here
  • STEAM - We have a steam group - You are more than welcome to join and invite your friends, you are also more than welcome to use it as a clantag ingame: click here
  • SocialClub has been very popular the last few years with the GTA V release on Playstation, Xbox and PC we have a crew, and you can join it! click here

More questions? Head over to "Contact us" in the navigation bar and get in touch with our team!

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