Addic Community

Addic Community is a community established in 2012. We wished to create a community, which focus about the team connection between players on the servers. Unfortunately, right now, we only have a TS3 Server, so for now, our mission is to create a place where gamers can be social, play with each other and have fun, and guess what? You are more than welcome to join our TeamSpeak and be a part of the community. You can also invite your friends; make a private channel, and you can read more about it here

We created Addic as a clan in late 2011. Later on, we wanted to make it to a community, where we focused on a platform, where people could be social. We started with a CSS Server for more than 1 year, located in Denmark. The server became popular, and people enjoyed our customized CSS Server that was only running the popular Hoejhus9 map (Mostly a Nordic map)

The Counter-Strike: Source server we had were customized, so it was not a server like every other server. We took our time to make it "Our product", and we were so happy with the outcome of our work, our CS:S Server were full of players all the day, every day.

We have many admins, primarily because of our IRL (In Real Life) connection. We are on TeamSpeak almost every single day. Therefore, if you need to contact an admin, it will be easy! In the menu on the top of our site, you can browse around, and get some more information about our Community.

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