Discord - The Community GameChanger

Discord, is a new player on the gaming/community market. It has alot of pure awesomeness in it. We think its cool but, we have taking some steps back from it too. Because of a few reasons:

  • We aren't the one that are hosting it. We can't control anything
  • It's not that customizable, its focusing on being simple, but it does that really well.
  • You need an account = have to sign up by using email and a password
  • It's free, no ads.. Where is the catch?
  • Users can't (as far as we know) create channels that expires

Although we think its really cool too! Really really cool, we are liking the chat thing. We have been promised that there might come some IRC over it. So we can add bots etc. We still have our TeamSpeak Server and wont remove that - as long there is users using it. But we are not afraid of change, and new things.


  • Don't fuck others channels up! If they was there before you and they ask you to leave.. Please.. Just leave
  • Be nice!
  • Please don't spam people on the server (Voice spam/Mic Spam, text or poke spam)
  • It's up to the admins to evaluate if you are doing something wrong that can harm people or the community.

This sounds fun! Where do i join? - By clicking right here!

If you are using the client (which we recommend if you want to use it on a daily basis) - Click on the + i the left side -> Select Join server and insert this: https://discord.gg/0uZWqutz826jWjJI

Here is a realtime view of our Discord Server

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