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TeamSpeak 3 is as the name say, a program so you can speak with your team for example. But with us you can use it to what you want. So if you want to just speak with your friends.. Well take a seat and do it! The Team was Skype users, before switching to TeamSpeak, and we have never regretted switching. So here is some good reasons you can use to get you and your team on TeamSpeak:

  • Better audio (Actually alot better)
  • Easier contact to friends - Not the calling thing, waiting and hope the person takes it. Here: Join channel -> Done.
  • No need for making a invite to a call everyday, create a channel -> Give your friends the password -> Join it -> Done.
  • More open, meet new people!
  • Requires less CPU and RAM resources
  • Less response times

Our TeamSpeak 3 Server, we have is a 500-slots server so for now, there should be enough place to you and your friends :-) The Server Address is: - If you wanna learn more about TeamSpeak 3 you can click here and learn about how cool it is!


  • Don't fuck others channels up! If they was there before you and they ask you to leave.. Please.. Just leave
  • Be nice!
  • Please don't spam people on the server (Voice spam/Mic Spam, text or poke spam)
  • Please don't use NSFW (Not Safe For Work) avatars.
  • It's up to the admins to evaluate if you are doing something wrong that can harm people or the community.
  • Being in a private channel makes the owners/people with Channel Admin the admins over the channel. They can kick you from the room, if they want.

We have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) we suggest you to read before asking admins - click here

Take a look at the realtime TS3 view (refresh site for update)

Server Status: offline

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