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Who are you?

Hi! My name is Mikkel - living in Denmark. I'm one of the TeamSpeak leaders for I am currently going to school at a International Business College in Fredericia. I'm also one of the managers for the official Addic Community Facebook Page.

Sooooo? Where can I find you?

  • TeamSpeak 3: Suxfox @ - Unique ID: 38Bh/iaoNP4mAVyKXHmvKY9xHbg=
  • Steam: Suxfox
  • Origin: Suxfox
  • Battlenet: Snuxsnux#2850

Where do you prefer being contacted?

  •'s Facebook site: - direct link
  • TeamSpeak
  • Steam

Where are you admin?

  • TeamSpeak 3 - Learn more here
  •'s Retake Server (128 Tick) - IP/Hostname:

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