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Who are you?

Hi! My name is Nikolaj - on the internet i'm called NPetersen, Hoompas or NPetersenDK. I'm the owner and server administrator for I live in Denmark, in city called Fredericia. I'm currently taking a education called "IT-Support". This education is for IT People, that manages networks, helps, etc. Working at Aarhus University in... Aarhus.

Sooooo? Where can I find you?

  • TeamSpeak 3: Nikolaj @ - Unique ID: pGxNg/LPz5a4xKlIG9Da10IC/2o=
  • Steam: Nikolaj
  • Origin: NPetersen
  • UPlay: NPetersenDK
  • Battlenet: NPetersen#1855
  • Discord: Kalan#9340

  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Instagram: NPetersenDK
  • Twitter: NPetersen

Where do you prefer being contacted?

Where are you admin?

  • TeamSpeak 3 - Learn more here
  • Our Discord server - Learn more here
  •'s Retake Server (128 Tick) - IP/Hostname:

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